Realgoya aims to be a place in the way of an online club gathering all those friends of Goya, and what he represents. We want to extend and amplify his knowledge and diffusion from our admiration for Goya.

It is about Goya’s Art. Therefore Art. To know and to spread it there is not any commercial interest: not a personal benefit, beyond the best knowledge of Goya and the human and intelectual enrichment.

Sponsored by Gonzalo de Diego, from Zaragoza (Spain), the city of his birth and where he spent his childhood and early youth, realgoya is also created with the intention of introducing Goya throughout the world. The court, Madrid, Bordeaux and, of course, of his work the meaning of it, of its antecedents and consequences, of what he saw and how he transmitted to posterity, his mentality, how to assimilate de facts and ideas, the testimony and erudition of a particularly gifted artist, his intelectual honesty, his virtues, his flaws, his moral and sense of justice, and transpose…..why not, at the present time.

Comparing that time with currently raging. To check that remains of that spirit, that way of looking at life. Discuss it in our forum through blog, analyze and study it with kindness and an open mind.

The forum will include a monthly contribution of Gonzalo de Diego and, as their arrive, other relevant contributions from friends and colleagues that are of interest.

In promoting this free and interactive web, this cluster friends, we believe, will contribute to the purposes cited and will emerge inciatives and newknowledge that today are not yet in the public domain.

This space is open to friendship from university professors and specialists, even the most simple and humble amateur. We welcome the talent. From a simple reading through an interactive action. From the frequency of sharing news and knowledge, to participate by sending studies of general interest. From help to translate our website into english and other languages, collaboration in seminars, conferences, exhibitions ….. Everything is open. Anything is possible.

Finally Realgoya is an agora which allows no dispute or enmity among participants, contrary to its founding spirit.

If you want, you can be in contact with us in