We inaugurate a section dedicated to Goya in Literature. It is not to list or quote here all the books about Goya that critics, historians of art, psychiatrists, sociologists, writers and various specialists have dedicated themselves to the work of the artist.

Fiction and poetry literature have also dealt with it. In 2003 the Anagrama Publishing House and the writer Pierre Michon agreed to publish in a single volume of the stories inspired by painters, Watteau, Piero della Francesca, Van Gogh, Claudio de Lorena and Don Francisco de Goya, this under the title ‘God no ends’.

They are stories of a lover of painting and painters, a poet in love with art that recreates, imagine and fly through real and also fictional character. It is a dazzling, rich, exciting book above all. All the superlatives have already been applied to the prose of Michon, today considered as the greatest French writer. The experience of its reading is necessary and unforgettable.

Silvia Pagliano